Brian Hallett -

Brian Hallett knows a thing or two about shooting and writing. As a director of photography, he is a ProMax BDA Silver and a four-time Mid-South Emmy award winner. He’s shot and edited everything from broadcast television, reality tv, promotional image campaigns, PSAs, music videos, short films, and documentaries. His skills have allowed him to work for Spike TV, RTM Productions, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

Brian is also an expert writer for Pro Video Coalition. There he’s tackled camera and gear reviews, a cinematographer interview series called, “Art of the Shot,” and shared his experiences, whether good or bad, about much of the tech he faces on set.

His early experiences as a rush-to-the-second deadline junky news cameraman helped shape his embrace of hard deadlines, taught him how to work under pressure and foster a calm cool “fuck it” attitude which, he hopes, also shapes his writing style.

Brian is easily accessible online as well as open and honest about his work and the many many mistakes he’s made along the way allowing him to fail forward as a director of photography.