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Jim Krantz has devoted much of his career to photographing the American West and capturing some of the most iconic images of this nation. Working for a global roster of clients such as Red Bull, Samsung, and Novartis has provided him with a platform to perform his art on a larger-than-life scale. However, it is his eye for accentuating the extraordinary within the ordinary that has guaranteed him a successful career as a lauded commercial artist and a position as one of the most sought-after photographers of our time.

As a native of Omaha, Nebraska, Krantz developed a taste for the arts early on in his grandfather’s studio. David Bialac was a renowned abstract-expressionist and would serve as catalyst to Krantz’ career when he provided his grandson with the most important tool to further his own creative endeavors: a camera.

At 19, Krantz went on to study with the best of his craft, notably, Ansel Adams, who taught him his most valuable lesson: technical proficiency leads to artistic freedom. Evidently, his teacher’s words were not lost on him; these days Krantz is heralded for his combination of technical skill and the emotive resonance of his imagery. Consistently pushing boundaries, he is proficient in every format – from the traditional camera to contemporary drone.
His distinct way of visualizing has been honored by the likes of Communication Arts, The American Photography Awards, The Art Director’s Club and, in 2010, The Lucie Award’s highest honor ; the IPA Photographer of the Year. Krantz’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Wallpaper, Italian Vogue, German GQ and many other international magazines. When he’s not creating the perfect picture for his clients, the devoted Harley rider is known to travel the globe, camera ready, seeking the essence of such diverse places as Chernobyl or the people of Cambodia. “It’s an amazing honor”, he says, “to have a job that allows me to look through the lens of my camera at the world for others to enjoy.”

After many years in Chicago, Illinois, Krantz and Susan, his wife and partner-in-art, have moved their base to Los Angeles.