Jorg Badura -

I was born and raised in the most northern rural area of Germany, between the North and Baltic Seas. The southern Bavarians call us Fish Heads. At this latitude, one can experience island life by the North Sea, rural agricultural villages, or small harbor towns on the Baltic Sea fjords. Life in the Baltic is tough and hearty and my connection with its nature runs deep. These forests, fields, lakes, oceans, and beaches have been my backyard since childhood. At first, photography was a hobby and a vehicle of expression in art class, but by the end of the ’80s, it became my profession. The camera became an extension of myself, and my body became part of the process; it just fit with me and I responded to its action and its timing. Moving to the U.S. in the beginning of the ’90s opened up many photographic possibilities. I started organizing adventure trips to shoot products where I could take the clients out of the cities and into nature. At the time, I lived between Europe and the U.S. I was everywhere – both testing and pushing myself – and the sky was the limit. At the time, adventure and action sports were growing into an industry of their own. Before long, the field evolved and became about breaking limits—the concept that man could challenge himself in ways you couldn’t have dreamt of in the past. Photographic technology has evolved so much and it is often hard to tell reality from truth. Therefore, I strive more than ever for authenticity. My photographs are of real events, of human endeavors, and the truth and shock of the frame.