Scott Montgomery -

I am the grandson of steel mills and coalmines in the south of Pittsburgh who was raised in the Southern California sun. The result is a dual citizenship of eastern work ethic and blind romantic optimism. By surprise, photography found me in college. She hooked my imagination and like most great loves, has let me chase her ever since. Now we are gentle knowing life partners.

People are infinitely interesting: each one of us have hard edges and soft layers. I’m curious about what people think and feel, which I work to capture with a camera. I am a double threat still photographer and motion director. The process is not the same but the goal is simply to create an authentic moment…. with great light and really solid composition. It’s a gift to do have the opportunity to do this for a living. I have learned far more than I have contributed.

Roughly four years ago, a crazy idea grew into a dream project which I direct and co-produce called We use motion, stills and music as a social activist bullhorn about tough subjects, such as homeless youth. The industry has responded with love and recognition – We received the 2015 Communication Arts Photo Annual, International Motion Awards 2014, participated in over a dozen film festivals, and won Best in Category in a handful of categories. We don’t expect to save the world but we do want to move the needle.

Fun Fact: my first real job was selling peanuts at Anaheim Stadium, which I did for 7 seasons. I loved it. Combined later with waiting tables, it put me in front of crowds and I learned how to talk. If I had a dime for every half drunk guy trying to impress his friends, yelling “HEY… get your Nuts Over Here…..”