Sean & Kip -

Sean & Kip, or ‘SK’, is the artistic collaboration of Sean Rice and Kip Corley, both hailing from the vibrant coastal cities of California. Their partnership, forged in 2012, began on a photography set where Sean’s expertise as a photographer and composite artist met Kip’s skills as a photographer and gaffer. This encounter sparked a unique relationship characterized by their ability to collaborate seamlessly, often with minimal communication. Their distinct styles blend to create a diverse array of content that marries still imagery with motion, capturing the essence of Americana. Sean’s knack for storytelling and pre-composition complements Kip’s talent for finding magic in light, resulting in eclectic and creative outputs. Rooted in their coastal upbringing, SK strives to embody the soul of their origins while embracing each client’s vision, crafting unique stories through their lens. As they continue their journey, Sean and Kip look forward to creating more compelling visual narratives that resonate with audiences everywhere.